Button and CJ, the largest, most trusted name in global performance marketing specializing in affiliate marketing technology and services, have a longstanding relationship. They’ve been leveraging our PostTap product to increase affiliate revenue since our launch of PostTap in 2020 and in early 2021, we officially announced a strategic partnership.  Additionally, in 2023, Button was named a CJ Exclusive Mobile Commerce Partner and will be included as a Mobile Commerce Partner within CJ’s forthcoming App Marketplace. Our mission? To strengthen tracking and transform affiliate into an app acquisition channel.

Button’s PostTap uses the power of AI to optimize traffic across every publisher, influencer, and social media app to improve user experiences, better track mobile app conversions, and ensure marketers aren’t missing out on the sales they drive.

Strong Results from an Evolving Strategic Partnership

Our partnership with CJ has seen impressive results across publisher and brand verticals. After a year of collaboration, we put out a case study and the results speak for themselves: CJ clients using PostTap have more than doubled their revenue from affiliate. They’ve seen an increase in the overall number of conversions from mobile devices, with +218% higher conversion rates in app vs. web, plus an increase in average order value (+14% in app vs web). With mobile apps consistently driving 3x higher performance than mobile web, integrating apps into high converting channels, like affiliate, should be a priority for every marketer.

When it Comes to Influencer Measurement, Mobile Matters Most

A massive portion of influencer traffic comes from social media platforms on mobile devices, making PostTap especially valuable when accurately measuring influencer marketing. Button recently analyzed over $6B in mobile commerce via our platform and discovered that “influencers and creators are missing north of 50% of the revenue they’re entitled to” due to broken mobile experiences, meaning that many marketers aren’t getting an accurate picture of campaign results. Oof.

Luckily, Button ensures streamlined mobile experiences, filling a hole in the campaign process—influencers who send traffic to retailers where PostTap is integrated see at average, a 230% lift in revenue from Instagram traffic, +175% from Facebook, +170% from Pinterest, and +100% from TikTok. Those numbers make a HUGE difference in whether or not you’ve declared your influencer campaign a success, don’t you think?

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