2020 will be one for the history books. While most people already have their eyes fixed on the new chapter that 2021 opens, we think it’s important to pause and reflect on this past year of unforeseen changes. It can be hard to feel optimistic when there are many challenges that still lie ahead of us, but we’re also immensely proud of the resilience and sheer grit that our team and partners have demonstrated. We celebrate our partners’ wins, the pivotal moments that paved the future of Button’s business, and the milestones that fueled our growth. 

Year of unprecedented client product launches—65 and counting

This summer, we unveiled Button Evolution™, the affiliate and partnerships channel’s first suite of intelligence and personalization products. In this product suite, Actionable Intelligence enables marketers to quickly identify how to maximize revenue or profitability from their affiliate channel, while Audiences allows marketers to leverage their own first-party data to target their ideal customers with real-time offers. For publishers, we rolled out Dynamic Offers that surfaces exclusive content from the world’s leading brands by creating personalized offers for every user browsing through our publisher partners’ apps.

We also launched Reach™ that provides Button’s deep linking and app affiliation technology as a service to strengthen marketers’ mobile performance from their affiliate network traffic—transforming affiliate traffic into an app acquisition channel for marketers. That launch was followed by a feature update—Machine Learning Link Optimization that dynamically determines where best to route a consumer in mobile to drive a purchase. This enhancement created an additional 37% lift on top of the existing 50% lift in revenue per click that Reach opens up for our marketing partners. 

Household brands such as Sam’s Club, Uber, and Groupon count on Button to drive their mobile growth, sales, and profitability. On top of that we helped some of the fastest-growing financial service companies including Cash App, Samsung Pay, Drop, Dosh, and Betterment scale their commerce strategies and enjoy the benefits of personalization—such as gaining access to exclusive content, optimizing their users’ mobile buying experiences, and personalizing all the commerce content their users interact with. 

Drove $4B+ in mobile spending to date, and then some

As a result of launching our intelligence and personalization solutions, Button celebrated the following milestones alongside our partners in 2020: 

  • 1.3B+ audience membership updates processed
  • 240M+ optimized commerce journeys
  • 3M+ personalized journeys
  • 5M+ payment flows captured

From working out of offices in three cities to work-from-home out of 25 cities

Our transition into a fully-remote company due to the pandemic this year meant that we went from working out of our offices in New York City, San Francisco, and London to working from 25 different cities. We adapted fast, supported our team’s transition with everything they needed to work from home, and invested in digital versions of our employee development programs that spanned juggling parenthood and work, to prioritizing mental and physical health and wellness. While we were at it, we were humbled that we continued to get recognized by Fortune, Inc., and Crain’s as one of the best places to work. 

Through the turbulence of 2020, we also never lost sight of giving back to communities that needed support the most:

  • Donated 200+ laptops and IT equipment to help students with virtual learning
  • Donated to 40 organizations in support of Black Lives Matter
  • Forged partnerships with six organizations to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness and initiatives

Looking forward

We are grateful for the unwavering belief held by our customers, partners, investors, and team members that there’s indeed a better way to build business in mobile. And we couldn't be more excited to build on this momentum in 2021.

Button Year in Review - 2020 v1