Sam’s Club, a leading membership warehouse club in the US & Puerto Rico, recently launched a new SMS marketing program using Button’s PostTap SMS solution to effectively acquire and communicate with an opted-in, highly engaged consumer base. A mobile-forward company, Sam’s Club is constantly innovating in the mobile sphere. Their app has long reigned in the warehouse and wholesale retailer category thanks to market leading technologies and services like Scan & Go™.

Sam’s Club recognizes the important role that mobile plays in the consumer journey, which sent them down the path of exploring SMS marketing–a channel that affords them the ability to meet their consumers where they are with relevant, timely information, in the hopes of converting those users at a higher rate and increasing their lifetime value. Without any code or engineering effort required, Button’s technology allowed Sam's Club to capture SMS subscribers from a variety of traffic sources, and re-engage them with exclusive product offerings, savings and services.

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Sam’s Club’s Objectives

  • Acquire and re-engage customers during peak promotional periods
  • Positively influence engagement and conversion behavior (both sales and membership sign ups) through SMS campaigning
  • Prove incrementality of these new marketing tactics

Key Results

 By implementing Button’s PostTap SMS, Sam’s Club has acquired hundreds of thousands of subscribers through various SMS collection experiences. Sam’s Club also measured the impact that SMS opt-in had on Sam’s Club’s sales and member engagement. They confirmed that:

  • SMS opt-in members have a higher sales conversion–with 14% lift in sales conversions within the test set as compared to a control group
  • SMS opt-in shows improved member engagement–with 11% higher visits among test members compared to a control group
  • SMS opt-in drove new memberships

The program to date has proved that the mobile consumer is looking for new, unique opportunities to interact with brands, and importantly, if met with the right messaging, may be more likely to convert with your brand over time.


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