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Michael Jaconi

Michael Jaconi

Michael Jaconi is co-founder and CEO of Button.

UX Engineering: Bridging the Gap Between Design and Development

In Silicon Valley lingo, people who both design and develop software are sometimes known as unicorns.

Button attends AngelHack Silicon Valley AH10

To assist developers easily monetize their apps using Button’s technology, we recently attended AngelHack’s flagship event of their AH10 global hackathon series — Silicon Valley.

Button at AngelHack Manhattan AH10

Last weekend, Button attended AngelHack’s Manhattan event, the 10th installment of its global hackathon series, held at AWS’s popup loft in Soho.

Button attends BostonHacks

As usual, Button held a competition for best use of Button’s SDK in a hack. There were a lot of amazing projects that went out for it! Here are a few that stood out.

Button at FlawlessHacks

This weekend, Button sponsored FlawlessHacks, a hackathon dedicated to mentoring women in tech, held at Spotify’s NYC HQ.

Integrate Button SDK into your React Native Android App

Adding a third-party SDK like Button requires the creation of a Native Module to expose its functionalities to JavaScript.

Testing your mobile web Button

In this tutorial, we’re going to test that a web app is properly rendering a Button when accessed from a mobile device.

Button at PennApps XV

The event brought out 1,200 college hackers from various schools, education backgrounds, and geographic regions to create a weekend of innovation and cheesesteaks.