How PostTap App drove a 37% lift in conversion rate for a leading retailer

Our team embedded the multi-armed bandit algorithm into our machine learning platform, resulting in a 37% click-to-purchase increase for a leading retailer using Button's Reach technology.
Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson

Product Manager @ Button

Why brands should prioritize app sales: A conversation with rewardStyle

How rewardStyle pivoted fast through the pandemic, how the brands and influencers it works with prioritize app-first strategies, and more.
Laura Kreinbihl

Laura Kreinbihl

Vice President, Global Strategic Partnerships - TAP

The power of app tracking and installs: A conversation with Awin

Awin's predictions for Q4 2020, why Awin decided to double down on app tracking with Button, and more.
Rob Berrisford

Rob Berrisford

GM & VP Fintech and Loyalty

Reach™ captured the PlayStation 5 pre-order moment for affiliate

Find out how Reach offered users the most seamless path to pre-ordering the PlayStation 5, regardless of where their treasure hunt began.
Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson

Product Manager @ Button

What a pandemic can teach us about affiliate revenue

Covid-19 has shown how diversifying your digital marketing mix with e-commerce is key to sustaining durable revenue streams. Learn how affiliate unlocks this channel.
Dennis O'Reilly

Dennis O'Reilly

Head of Partnerships @ Button

Sam’s Club transforms its affiliate program through PostTap™

Through Reach, Sam's Club is able to convert moments of high intent into lifetime value enhancements through app installs.
Stephanie Tan

Stephanie Tan

Brand and Communications @ Button

Button launches Reach™

Reach™ unlocks app installs and drives incremental growth for brand partners.
Stephanie Tan

Stephanie Tan

Brand and Communications @ Button

How ShopBack Scaled Mobile Commerce in Singapore & Beyond

Insights from ShopBack co-founder Joel Leong.

Where in the World is Button, February Edition

Button is hitting the road again for a few events during the month of February — and we want to see you there!

Welcoming Norwest to the Button Family

I’m excited to announce today that we’ve raised a $20M Series B financing led by Norwest Venture Partners and joined by our friends at Redpoint, DCM, and Greycroft.
Michael Jaconi

Michael Jaconi

Michael Jaconi is co-founder and CEO of Button.

Context Modes and a New Look for Your Dashboard

On top of choosing which partner Buttons to display, you can now select the most relevant type of content to display for those Buttons.

Mobile App or Mobile Web? What You Should Know

For some companies an app is necessary to survive in the mobile era, while others might be able to simply optimize their website for mobile to reach their goals. How do you know which one is right for you?

Understanding Mobile User Acquisition Channels and Metrics [Exclusive Benchmarking Report]

We compiled benchmark data to help understand how various acquisition channels perform on average and what metrics you should use to assess your success.

What is Mobile Monetization and How Do I Measure it? [Exclusive Benchmarking Data]

we collected industry benchmark data to serve as a starting point for your mobile monetization strategy.

Why You Should Look Beyond the App Install Wall

Check out our white paper to learn how to start incorporating affiliate into your mobile marketing mix.
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