3 Design Principles for Engineering Data

Outlining three design paradigms — Immutable Data, Data Lineage and Data Validation— and the role they play in making data engineering as a practice easier

Dispatches from DevFest Conakry 2018

DevFest Conakry is the largest conference of its kind ever held in Guinea. This is the story of that historic event.

Engineering Values and Technology at Button

A look at a few of the broader principles we live by as an engineering team and the choices that have resulted from them.

5 UI Design Tips for Engineers

Tips to make UI design feel like less of a black box and more like an exciting new skill to add to your toolkit.

Reflecting On My Summer At Button

Moving to a place like New York City without a plan can be risky, but it gave me access to a ton of awesome opportunities and my time here at Button has helped me form the foundation for what I want to pursue in the future.

How to use Django Rest Framework to safely delete your data

A guide to bringing your data back to life.

Quoi de neuf : Guinée Conakry

Travel notes and chronicles from a community tech conference and Android development workshop held in Guinea, West Africa.

How to build a successful on-call culture: A guide for engineering teams

A look at why it's important to have a healthy on-call culture at your company.

The Scrollbar, or There and Back Again

A solved problem back from the dead and the open-source library that took it on.

Divvy: Button’s Rate Limiting Service

An overview of Divvy, Button's rate limiting tool.

UX Engineering: Bridging the Gap Between Design and Development

In Silicon Valley lingo, people who both design and develop software are sometimes known as unicorns.

Button attends AngelHack Silicon Valley AH10

To assist developers easily monetize their apps using Button’s technology, we recently attended AngelHack’s flagship event of their AH10 global hackathon series — Silicon Valley.

Intro to React.js Workshop with Women Who Code

This month, Button hosted the NYC network of Women Who Code for an Intro to React.js Workshop.

An Image-Diff Is Worth 1,000 Words

How do you know if something like visual diff testing is right for you?

Button at AngelHack Manhattan AH10

Last weekend, Button attended AngelHack’s Manhattan event, the 10th installment of its global hackathon series, held at AWS’s popup loft in Soho.

The 3rd annual Button Selfie Soiree at WWDC 2017

We hold the event so we can connect iOS developers in a fun setting to chat about tech and mobile development.

Buttonians hack at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, creating ‘Buttons for Good’

Pitching Buttons for Good at TechCrunch Disrupt’s hackathon.

Button attends BostonHacks

As usual, Button held a competition for best use of Button’s SDK in a hack. There were a lot of amazing projects that went out for it! Here are a few that stood out.

Button at FlawlessHacks

This weekend, Button sponsored FlawlessHacks, a hackathon dedicated to mentoring women in tech, held at Spotify’s NYC HQ.

Demystifying Async Programming in Javascript

Asynchronous programming in Javascript has undergone several evolutions, from callbacks to promises to generators, and soon to async/await.

Integrate Button SDK into your React Native Android App

Adding a third-party SDK like Button requires the creation of a Native Module to expose its functionalities to JavaScript.