Here's how Button's new employee resource groups made us an even more inclusive workplace in 2019

We asked each of our ERGs to name a few of their highlights from 2019 and their plans for 2020. Here’s what they told us. 

Button’s 2019 in review: Highlights from a year of big changes and major growth

Button has grown in many ways in 2019. We partnered with new mobile-first companies to create more value for them and accelerated growth for all partners.
Stephanie Tan

Stephanie Tan

Communications @ Button

Tips for US Startups Looking to Open a UK Office

Today, fintech is UK’s top tech sub-sector and continues to innovate in mobile as seen in advancements made in mobile wallets and apps, seamless shopping, and consolidation of m-commerce payments.

My Summer Internship Experience at Button

I am truly amazed by the scope of experience and knowledge I was fortunate enough to gain during my time as a Revenue Operations Intern at Button.

Women’s History Month: Q&A With The Multi-Talented Women Engineers of Button

We’re celebrating Women’s History Month by recognizing some of the amazing members of Women Engineers at Button.

Fostering Inclusivity at Button: WEBs

Diversity in hiring and retention complement each other. Here's why.

Ideas into Action: 5 Steps for Diverse & Inclusive Company Growth

Here are 5 actionable steps to help your company and teams build, scale, and retain a diverse and inclusive team.

Button’s VP of People, Stephanie Mardell, won the great place to work for all leadership award

As the first employee tasked with building Button’s People Team from scratch, Stephanie has developed, nurtured, and evolved Button into a place of admirable talent, culture, productivity, and growth.
Stephanie Tan

Stephanie Tan

Communications @ Button

Year in Review: Unprecedented Growth at Button

2018, what a year you’ve been.
Stephanie Tan

Stephanie Tan

Communications @ Button

Investing in your People — your most valuable resource

Growth is a personal journey. Here's why that matters.

Finding [Ways to Recognize Employees With] Nemo

Research tells us that timely and meaningful recognition can be a tremendous motivational boost for employees, which in turn impacts employee engagement.

Taking Team “Building” to Another Level at Button

At Button, we like to look at team building as a way for the company to take a break from the daily routine, inspiring employees to step outside of their comfort zones and get creative.